With more people working at home these days, home office decorating is becoming more of a necessity. A functioning office doesn’t mean we have to do away with style. Ambiance is just as important in our home office.

Lap top computers take the worry out of hiding wires. So why not have a stylish desk and chair. You don’t have to break the bank to achieve a work space that is functional and attractive. To start with, choosing the right desk and chair is well worth the time and effort. These are pieces that can be with you for a lot of yearsWe have an antique oak desk and chair that has been a part of our home office for a number of years, they are timeless pieces. We bought the pair for $10 from a business that was relocating and getting rid of it’s old office furniture. The desk and chair looked dirty and warn, it was just a matter of stripping away the old that brought them back to life. They are a handsome duo that fits in well with any decor.Visit 50+ Stylish Home Offices & Decorating Ideas

The oak desk and chair are the center pieces, now just a few accessories to complete the look. Shelving is a plus for a home office. We have a shelf unit that has a canvas cover. Put the flaps down and hide the files, printer paper and any other office necessities.

Another necessity is a desk lamp that will shine light on the desk top where you are working. I like our floor lamp, it has a swinging arm to shine light where needed.

Our galvanised magazine rack can store not only magazines but, clipboards, files and folders. Keep ordinary storage and file boxes with in reach. To make storage boxes more attractive on book shelves, make a slip cover for them.

Now just a few office accessories to organise the desk top. I like bins to organise and eliminate clutter on the desk top. A small file box for quick references, and an adding machine.

There are a lot of home office decorating products that can make your space both functional and stylish. No need to hide your office anymore. Adding art to the walls and a comfy chair are just a few other ways to spruce up an office space.

If you don’t have an extra room set aside for just an office space, these are examples of functional pieces that will blend well with a bedroom, family room or that small nook you may have in your home.