People can match their window treatments, including their blinds, to their décor by purchasing blinds from a company such as Kayton Blinds Melbourne. This company (which I have used and obviously vouch for) have a large inventory of blinds in all colours and styles. For those that want blinds that offer protection from elements and block out light there are blackout cellular blinds that control the amount of light that a room receives without having to use the curtains for further light control. Likewise, there also companies that sell different types of blinds such as the more familiar holland blinds to the vertical blinds that cover larger windows and sliding doors. There are so many different types of blinds that it is recommended that an individual do research on the types of blinds that can be used within their home.

There are so many brands of blinds that one can use to complete or accentuate a style within a home. For example, a person that has an Asian inspired living room could contact a place such as wood blinds direct and have custom made wood or bamboo blinds installed to complement the décor. There are so many blind decorating options available.

Furthermore, investing in new blinds does not have to be very expensive. There are a number of stores and online retailers such as discount blinds direct that offer deep price cuts on blinds and other window treatments. There are some instances where the more blinds that are purchased the less a person will spend per set of blinds. Also, anyone looking for custom-made blinds will find that discounts are available when the blinds are both made and installed by the same company. There are so many companies that sell blinds and other window treatments that it is highly recommended that people compare prices amongst a number of quality companies in order to obtain the best rates for their blinds.

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Tips on Buying Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds add a luxurious appearance to any window, but can be difficult to find in the correct size and also incredibly expensive, unless you buy wood blinds from the manufacturer.  You might think that would be difficult to do, but it is actually very easy.  Any retail location that sells window treatments usually sells wooden blinds, and they are usually happy to special order blinds of a certain size or color.  That’s because special orders equate to special pricing, and that’s not a good thing.  What you want to know is just the name of the manufacturer of the particular blind you want to buy.  Once you have that name, it’s time to do a little on-line shopping.  Be sure you know the colour and slat width that you need.  Buying wooden blinds is easy as long as you’ve have that information.
The biggest names in wooden blinds are Hunter Douglas, Graber and Bali.  The blinds you have found at a retail store are most likely made by one of these three manufacturers.  Once you have found the model and brand you like, you need to find the blinds directly from a manufacturing facility.  You probably think that means buying them directly from one of those three companies, right?  Wrong!  MANY sites sell wooden blinds or mini blinds directly from the manufacturer – with themselves interposed.  What the word “direct” really means, in this context, is “discount.”

Buying discount blinds can be tricky.  In some cases the blinds are factory seconds.  That’s something you want to watch out for.  The imperfection may be so slight that you don’t even notice it.  Perhaps the stain was slightly off colour for a particular batch.  Perhaps the slat thickness is slightly off.  But it could be that something is seriously wrong with the seconds.  Maybe a slat is missing, or they might be connected improperly so that you cannot open or close them.  Whenever you buy something that seems like a really great deal, you should first check out the return policy, just in case it isn’t.

In some cases the blinds may be from a discontinued product line.  Those are usually really good bargains, if you find what you need.  The only problem you might encounter with a discontinued line is if you later need to purchase additional product to match it, you may be out of luck.  Of course, any product you purchase now may later be discontinued, so that shouldn’t really be an issue if you find the quantity you need available now.
Also, be sure you are ordering the size you actually need.  Measure your window opening carefully.  Blinds that fit a little too snugly can catch in the frame when opening or lowering, and that will quickly become a nuisance.